Massage In Burj Khalifa

Massage Techniques For Different Areas Of The Body

Massage therapies are largely based on the concepts of alternative and complementary medicine. Many distinct types of massage therapies have been included as a part of standard treatments along with medications to cure and provide relief from a vast range of ailments and medical conditions. Different type of massage therapies have been proven to be beneficial in reducing muscle tension, pain and mental issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Massage is also helpful in treating injuries caused by physical activities and sports, tissue strains, insomnia, headaches and digestive disorders. Massage is often seen as a form of enjoyment and entertainment due to the comfort it offers. For people in Dubai, massage in Burj Khalifa offers a plethora of massage treatments to choose from. +971556370578 Booking

The main type of massage therapies include:

  • Swedish massage – This gentle massage therapy uses long strokes like tapping, vibrations, circular movements and kneading for massaging the body. Swedish massage helps to energize and relax the body.
  • Deep massage – The deep massage therapy uses slow but forceful strokes and targets the connective tissue and deep muscle layers to heal body injuries. The deep massage in Burj Khalifa is chosen by people suffering from various kinds of injuries.
  • Sports massage – This therapy has similarity to the Swedish massage therapy but focuses on injuries associated with sports activities.
  • Trigger point massage – The trigger point massage therapy directs efforts on loosening tight muscle fibers caused due to overuse or injuries. Apart from the above massage therapies, various other types of massages focus on specific body areas.
  • Cranio Sacral massage – The therapy focuses on ensuring proper alignment and loosening muscles of spine, head and neck.
  • Chi Nei Tsang – The unique massage focuses on abdominal organs to cure digestive issues.
  • The Trager approach – This technique is beneficial for relieving painful joints. Burj Khalifa massage provides this and other massage techniques that can relieve painful joints.
  • Rosen therapy – This therapy is used to provide relief from tension and stress.
  • Rolfing – This massage technique aims at ensuring proper alignment of tissues to improve the posture of the spine.

The other types of beneficial massage techniques include Shiastu, Reiki, Acupressure and Alexander technique.

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