Heal Your Injuries With Russian Massage Therapy

Russian Massage is popularly known as Sports Massage. It is a therapeutic massage therapy that focuses on a specific body injury. The massage is generally preferred by people suffering from injuries. UAE is famous for its Russian massage centers in Dubai. A number of them offer Russian Massage in Dubai. You can book a session at one of these parlors to cure an illness or injury. The massage is also helpful for curing sore and stiff muscles. +971556370578 Booking

The Russian massage therapy

Russian massage center in Dubai

Typical Russian massage therapy is conducted in three phases and may last between 15 minutes to 1 hour.

In the first step, the therapist uses gentle massage movements to prepare the body for the next stage. The focus in this stage is to relax and rejuvenate the body. In the second phase, the therapist focuses on the core pressure points of the body by using intensive and deep massage movements. The phase is an active one and provides therapeutic benefits to the body. It involves the manipulation of the body muscles to relieve pain. In the third phase, the therapist once again switches to gentle and slow movements that provide relaxation to the body.

A typical Russian massage session involves a number of movements like gilding, stretching,  kneading, vibration, circular movements and friction. The movements and pressure applied can be customized by the therapist according to the requirement of the recipient.

Russian massage Dubai is considered one of the most effective cures for injuries caused during sports activities.

Benefits of Russian massage

One of the most well known benefits of Russian massage is the treatment of injuries. However, apart from this, it provides a number of other benefits. The massage strokes cause friction which produces a healing effect on the body. This heat generated, along with the various massage movements and strokes, cures sore and stiff joints and muscles. This is because the heat generated helps to relax the muscles. Russian massage is also known to improve the respiratory and immune systems. Russian massage center in Dubai is thronged by people who book sessions in the center to heal injuries and relieve sore muscles.