Filipino Massage – A Traditional Therapy For A Healthy Body

Filipino massage, also known as Hilot which means healer, is a traditional massage therapy associated with healing by integrating natural and scientific laws. 

In Filipino massage, the therapist identifies the illness in the body and parts characterized by an energy imbalance. This is done with the help of various techniques including pulse reading, phrenology, cold and hot analysis, urine, and stool and perspiration analysis. The traditional healing technique has caught the fancy of numerous people, especially the ones who visit Dubai. Filipino massage in Dubai is available at various massage parlors spread in the area.

Filipino Massage In Dubai

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The Filipino massage therapy is holistic in nature and caters to various aspects of life like biological, behavioral, psychological, and social aspects. The expert therapists identify the root cause of the client’s problem by evaluating his energy imbalance during the course of the therapy.  The massage focuses on healing by inducing biochemical reactions. People in Dubai can search for massage Dubai Filipino listings on websites to get the best deals.

The therapy

The Filipino massage Dubai therapy involves a deep massage that aims at healing the body and providing relaxation to the mind. The therapy involves the use of warm banana leaves dipped in coconut oil. The banana leaves are rich in herbal and medicinal elements and are natural ionizers. Banana leaves possess antiseptic properties and are known to be effective in the treatment of sprains, bone dislocations and flu. The leaves are used to massage the body. They help to unblock energy blockages. A lot of massage parlors offer specialized Filipino home massage in Dubai which can help to cure energy imbalances in the body.

Most Filipino massage therapists are trained professionals. They possess the ability to identify energy imbalanced areas in the body by touch. The deep massage therapy focuses on restoring this energy imbalance of the body.


Filipino massage offers a number of benefits. Regular massage sessions can help in deliveries and also speed up recovery post-childbirth. The therapists can effectively diagnose musculoskeletal ailments in the body. The massage helps to relax stressed muscles and reduce pain. By improving blood circulation, the therapy also acts as a stress reliever.

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