Erotic and Sensual Nuru Massage

Nuru massage In DubaiNuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage. The name is derived from the word ‘Nuru’ which means slippery. Hence, it is a wet, slippery massage. The therapy involves using a special ‘Nuru gel’. It is a body to body massage where both the recipient and the therapist are unclothed. The female therapist makes use of her entire body to massage the recipient. Nuru massage in Dubai is increasingly becoming popular due to the relaxation and arousal it provides.

Nuru Gel 

The gel used in Nuru massage is derived from edible seaweed which is called nori. It is a tasteless, clear, odorless gel and acts as a skin moisturizer. Other extracts in the gel include chamomile, grapefruit, and aloe vera. All these are extremely good for the skin.

The therapy

Massage therapy usually starts with a shower. This is because Nuru gel is more effective on damp skin.

The lukewarm Nuru gel is then mixed with warm water. Once the desired consistency of the gel is achieved, the therapist applies the gel over her unclothed body.  In the next step, the therapist starts massaging the body of the recipient, using all her body parts to establish maximum contact. The gel ensures that the skin contact does not cause friction. The erotic massage, in most cases, arouses the client.


Nuru Massage offers a number of benefits. Few of them are:

Pain Relief and flexibility

Nuru massage Dubai is extremely useful in providing relief from body pain. The technique also helps to improve body flexibility.

Promotes healing

The massage technique has been proven to be extremely useful in speeding up the recovery process in case of injuries.

Reduces anxiety and depression

Nuru massage is a useful treatment for depression and anxiety. The Nuru massage in Dubai helps to relax the mind and body and therefore can relieve various stress related issues.

Revitalizes Skin

The Nuru gel used in the therapy provides much-needed nourishment to skin. It helps to improve skin quality.

Erotic Sensitivity

Dubai nuru massage is known to be effective in increasing libido, treating arousal issues and improving erotic sensitivity.

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